Instant conversion
Cryptocurrency & Fiat

Sint is the first platform providing instant exchange transactions: Cryptocurrency to fiat and fiat to cryptocurrency.

Token Sale
has successfully ended
on May 21st

We would like to say a big thank you to all of our contributors and supporters

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The Idea

Immediate conversion of assets

Its main objective is to be a gateway to the flow of assets between investors and existing exchanges. Supporting all the popular online payment methods, it allows the investors to convert funds from fiat currencies into cryptocurrencies and vice versa in a very short time.

Sint App

Coming in 2018

The Sint Platform is a basic tool for newcomers and experienced investors operating on the cryptocurrency market. It will enable conversion and transfers of funds held in any currency into cryptocurrencies. Most importantly, it will provide a comprehensive solution bridging the gap between funds accumulated in banks and large cryptocurrency exchanges.

Coming on
Coming on


Centralized vs Blockchain

Find out about the benefits of Blockchain technology. The decentralized model is superior in every aspect.

Delayed deposits

Delayed deposits
Funding your crypto exchange account with the fiat currency takes a lot of time or is not possible at all.

Instant deposits

Instant deposits
Transferring fiat to cryptocurrency is fast, there are no delays related to the third-party institutions.

Delayed withdrawals

Delayed withdrawals
Withdrawing cash from a crypto exchange is often impossible or it takes a lot of time.

Instant withdrawals

Instant withdrawals
Money shows up on your account almost immediately after making a request.

Higher commissions

Higher commissions
Online money transfer fees start from 1%.

Low costs

Low costs
Sint charges 0.1% commission. When the transaction is made using a SIN token, the commission is 0%.

Limited access to your assets

Limited access to your assets
The deposit and withdrawal of assets is restricted due to the working hours of the third- party institutions.

24/7 access

24/7 access
Unlimited and smooth access to your fiat and cryptocurrency assets.

Technical instability

Technical instability
The standard solutions are subject to DDOS attacks, and a failure of one module can make the services impossible to use.


Due to the decentralised nature of the underlying blockchain technology, the platform will still work correctly even if an individual module fails.

Market potential


crypto exchanges in over 45 countries all around the world

100 million+

investors and traders registered on crypto exchanges

$500 billion+

is the total value of cryptocurrencies

no limits

in transfers between the users around the world

ICO Facts

Everything you need to know

SIN token is our cryptocurrency designed to provide security and unify the market for fiat and cryptocurrency transfers.

SIN token ERC-20
ICO date May 1 – 21 (23:59 CET)
ICO price 1 SIN ≈ 0.0019 USD
1 ETH = 250 000 SIN + BONUS
Token supply 10 000 000 000 (all unsold tokens will be burned)
Exchange listing Main exchanges by June 2018
Token distribution Smart contract will transfer tokens right after contribution
Team Professionals with substantial experience
Payment options ETH Smart Contract
Fiat: USD, EUR
Referral and bounty Referral program with 10% bonus and bounty program on BitcoinTalk
  • Reserve Funding
  • Advisors
  • Bounty
  • Founders and Team
  • Token Sale

Distribution bonus

First week +30% tokens May 1 – 7
Second week +20% tokens May 8 – 14
Third week +10% tokens May 15 – 21


Development process

  • check

    October 2017

    Sint idea

  • check

    November 2017

    Technical development

  • check

    December 2017

    Team recruitment

  • check

    February 2018

    Start working on MVP

  • check

    April 2018

    Marketing campaign

  • check

    May 2018


  • June 2018

    Listing on main exchanges shortly after ICO

  • June 2018

    Integration with payment processing companies

  • July 2018

    Final product release

  • August 2018

    Advanced tool
    for arbitrage

  • September 2018

    Cards available

  • November 2018

    Start generating revenue

  • December 2018

    Product API

  • January 2019

    Mobile apps
    for iOS and Android

  • January 2019

    Futher technical development


Who we are

Get to know the team of enthusiasts who are responsible for the project.

Rafał Niewiadomski

Rafał Niewiadomski LinkedIn

CEO and Co-Founder

Half megawatt mining facility Co-owner. 10 years of experience in international business. Successful owner and real estate investor.

Paweł Augustyniak

Paweł Augustyniak LinkedIn

COO and Co-Founder

Succesful cryptocurrency investor since 2014. Co-founded profitable mobile marketing company generating six figures a month. Owner of several offline businesses.

Marta Kubiatowicz

Marta Kubiatowicz LinkedIn


Online marketing specialist focusing on social media and communication. Experienced in promoting brands. Responsible for bringing customers closer to companies.

Szczepan Urbański

Szczepan Urbański LinkedIn

Full Stack Developer

General system architect. 11 years of experience in software development using various techonologies. Involved in global range IT projects.

Alexander Gos

Alexander Gos LinkedIn

Front-end Developer

Mateusz Urbański

Mateusz Urbański LinkedIn

Experienced UI/UX
Illustrator and Designer

Łukasz Pawlak

Łukasz Pawlak

Front-end Developer

Mateusz Dałek

Mateusz Dałek LinkedIn

Senior Developer
and Blockchain Specialist

Dorota Jadwiszczok

Dorota Jadwiszczok


Krzysztof Tomczyk

Krzysztof Tomczyk

Mobile Developer


Bogdan Fiedur

Bogdan Fiedur LinkedIn

Smart contract developer, crypto-investor, entrepreneur and President of He has over 20 years of IT experience in building e-commerce websites and has been involved in blockchain development during last 3 years. He is also an ICO advisor working with 10+ successful ICOs to date and deeply involved in offering presentations and workshops on blockchain and smart contract programming in his local crypto community of Winnipeg. He has co-founded Bitjob, a freelancer blockchain platform for students and participated in several ICO projects as a team member. e.g. ($25 M raised in 8 hours during presale).

Bas Geelen

Bas Geelen LinkedIn

Crypto and startup analyst and investor. He has experience with consulting technology startups with their go-to-market strategy and is involved in the development of blockchain applications for business. Holds a Master's Degree in Strategic Management and Consultancy from Tilburg University. He wrote his Thesis on the price effects of news events on cryptocurrency prices. Bas is interested in innovation, automation and organization & production efficiency in which he believes blockchain can play an integral part.

Lin JC

Lin JC LinkedIn

He has experience with consulting technology, management and strategy planning. JC specializes in blockchain applications, big data and artificial intelligence. He helps companies that want to carry out different projects through Blockchain from its earliest phase to the completion of the project. He providing marketing, design, development, Smart contract develop and other services for ICOs. Set up the online service of individual digital assets Blockchain that are decentralized, safe and persistently operational.

Jakub Garszyński

Jakub Garszyński LinkedIn

Jakub is a technology governance, security, risk, compliance and internal controls expert. Passionate about the disruption that the blockchain technology brings to different industries, financial services in particular. For over 12 years Jakub has been advising companies on effective and efficient strategies to manage and mitigate technology-related risks. He led countless projects related to ensuring business-technology alignment, implementation of internal policies and procedures, adoption of information security management frameworks and compliance with external regulations. He is also a seasoned technology auditor.

Tobias Schulz

Tobias Schulz LinkedIn

Tobias started in Investment Banking working for Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan. As an Entrepreneur in Residence he helped to build the German unicorn Zalando SE. Tobias Schulz is the founder of several companies in the fashion and fintech industry and led the operations practice of Fashionette GmbH. Tobias holds a B.Sc. degree from EBS University in Oestrich-Winkel in Germany, a M.Sc. degree from Maastricht University in the Netherlands, and completed Computer Science programs at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Currently Tobias is working for the German Venture Capital Fund High-Tech Gründerfonds, the most active Seed Investor of Europe focused on Blockchain investments.

Denis Farnosov

Denis Farnosov LinkedIn

Founder of BIGROI Academy and BIGROI Investments. More than 10 years in building and growing startups. Board Member and Advisor with a number of ICOs. Having a Master’s degree in Management and Economics, he is interested and has in depth knowledge in new cutting edge technologies. Denis believes in the importance of blockchain in building a new way of business relations.

Maciej Szafraniec

Maciej Szafraniec LinkedIn

Co-owner of Internet marketing agency. 15 years of experience in creating brands. He has completed over 600 successful IT projects. He has worked for such brands as McDonald's, Clark University, Naturhouse, Reebok Professional and many others. He lectures at the University of Lodz on marketing in practice. He is interested in the development of modern technologies, including blockchain and deep learning.

Shams Hassan

Shams Hassan LinkedIn

Involved in the blockchain ecosystem for 5+ years. Educational background in finance and economics from Virginia Commonwealth University. He monitors and interprets project development, all the while identifying macro themes and trends occurring within the blockchain/cryptocurrency industry.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sint?

Sint is a platform used for quickly exchanging traditional fiat currencies into cryptocurrencies and vice versa. It will be a one-step platform, integrating all popular online payment channels, banking transactions and cryptocurrency markets.

Presently, transferring traditional currencies—such as for example US Dollar—to the accounts of the main cryptocurrency exchanges is difficult; depositing and withdrawing funds takes a long time. As a result of these inconveniences, investors often lose opportunities for making potentially beneficial trades.

What are the benefits of investing in SIN token?

Holders of SIN tokens will have an opportunity to make profits on the Sint Platform. Moreover, trading SIN tokens on the Sint Platform will be possible without any fees or commissions, giving the holders the ability to quickly exchange them into any other currency for free.

What is your hardcap?

After reaching $12M token sale will be closed.

Is there a minimum contribution?

The minimum contribution is set to 0.1 ETH.

Is there a bonus for token purchase?

Yes, there is a bonus on every purchase as below:
May 1-7 +30% tokens
May 8-14 +20% tokens
May 15-21 +10% tokens

When will the tokens be credited to my wallet?

All tokens purchased during the ICO will be transferred to your wallet according to the Smart Contract directly after your contribution. The tokens from the referral program, bonuses and bounties will be transferred by the end of May 2018 at the latest.

Do I need to verify my identity to take part in Sint ICO?

Contributors who purchase SIN tokens worth more than 10 ETH will have to undergo the KYC process.

Which exchanges will offer SIN token and when?

We are currently negotiating with the largest possible cryptocurrency exchanges. Due to the NDAs, we are unable to reveal any names before official listing announcement. Token trading will be available within two weeks after the ICO ends.

Is it possible to contribute using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or a bank transfer?

Yes, it is possible. If you are interested in such a contribution, please contact us via email.

What is the legal status of Sint?

Sint is a limited liability company (sp. z o.o.), with registered office in Poland.

Can anybody contribute?

People living in the countries listed below are unable to participate in the ICO: United States of America, People's Republic of China (except for Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan), South Korea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Crimea Region.

How will the funds acquired as a result of the ICO be used?

Software Development — 35%
Marketing and Sales — 20%
International Market Expansion — 15%
Partnership and Warranty — 15%
Operations — 10%
Legal — 5%

What will be the total number of SIN tokens in circulation?

The total number of SIN tokens is 10 000 000 000. During the ICO, 8 200 000 000 tokens (82% of all tokens) will be available for purchase. The exact number of tokens in circulation will depend on the number of investors participating in various bonus stages.

All unsold tokens will be burned.

Can I mine SIN?

No, SIN tokens are unminable.

What wallet should I use to participate in Sint ICO?

You have to use an ERC-20 compatible wallet.

Do not contribute directly from cryptocurrency exchange addresses.

Will it be possible to trade SIN tokens directly after receiving them?

No, tokens will be unlocked after the ICO ends.

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